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Thursday, 8 June 2017

The Ultimate Fashionistas Festival Guide (On A Budget)

With plenty of festivals under my belt and the bargain hunter gene running though my veins, It's only fair to share my festival hints and tips with the rest of the world. So, if you're looking to stay fabulous on a budget this Summer, this little festival guide will be your nifty go to check list for creating that super sassy style, without breaking the bank!


Online shop apps are a goldmine for previously owned festival buys that have most likely only ever been worn once, but are listed for sale a fraction of the price! Give the search function some abuse and you're well on your way to picking up some cool & quirky garms. Not in the market to buy? List your own festivals pre loved items from previous years & use the cash for your spends on your next festival.



Take advantage of that online prices are cheaper and often have deal! Glitter, bindis & colourful wigs are a festival must! I've put together some of my favourite offers below:

Colourful Wigs / £3.59
Glitter / £1.75 each + buy 3 get 3 free
Festival Hair Rings / £3.70 for 10
Bindi bumper pack / £3.65


If you’re a blogger, it's definitely worth asking companies who you work closely with if they're looking for festival collaborations or discount codes. Taking advantage of all the festival weird and wonderful sights, definitely makes for great content. Win win!


Plan your outfits in advance! This might sound like a no brainer, but if you're trying stretched for cash, creating a mini capsule wardrobe can be the answer to all your problems. Make a list of the vital items and mix and match your way through each day! Outfit repeating? No one will ever know!

Key festival clothing:


Feeding yourself at a festival can be quite expensive! I usually take half my food amount in the form of instant noodles and let myself enjoy the rest of my meals from tasty food venders once we've ventured out the tent. Definitely look for food and drink offers on around the festival or even before you go! Promotions are always going on around the place and you can often bag yourself a good deal if you can be bothered to find them!


Every year I purchase a couple a couple of concentrate cordial pocket size bottles to take with me. These have been a life saver when for when water just doesn't qunech that thirt. My friends often use them as a mixer for their drinks to save them from carrying heavy bottles of cola/lemonade into the festival!


Don’t buy expensive rain macs. More often than not, most aren't waterproof (I've learnt from past experience) and they become really annoying to carry round once the rain disappears or you're dancing away in a tent. You can pick up some disposable ponchos for around £2.50 for a pack of 5. Bargain!


Go over your daily routine in your head when you're packing and imagine yourself going through the process of each item/product you use. This can be your mental check list to make sure you've got everything! 

Festival Check List for common forgotten items:

Festival ticket
Id card/passport
coach/train ticket or parking pass
Extra pegs for the tent
sleeping bag
Sleeping mask
Toilet roll
Water bottle
Portable charger
Bin bags
Plastic cups
Deck of cards
Portable music speaker


Wednesday, 7 June 2017

How To Build Your Blogging Confidence

Confidence. To be a blogger, all round confidence levels have got to be quite high and the amount of confidence that portrays through your posts and online social presence can be pretty important to a certain extent. For starters, you're essentially putting yourself out there online for the world to see.. and for some bloggers (this applies to anyone using social media really). But, what happens when you shy away and let the fear of others judging you get in the way of potentially creating amazing content? I've put this post together to let you know how I got my confidence levels to go from 1 - 100 by hearing a couple of sentences that really hit home.

When I first started blogging, my Mum was my photographer (you can find my 2010 images HERE). We took my images out in the garden & anyone that walked past would without a doubt look over to be nosey. This sent me into a state of panic and I'd stand there, shy, confidence levels at plummeting to zero, waiting for them to pass by.

"So, what? Who cares what they think?" - The most overused confidence boost phrase, ever!

There's nothing quite like cat calling and men hanging out the doors of  a pub shouting 'Wheeeey, are you a model or something?' to boost your confidence, is there? This is what you get when you choose to shoot in the Northern Quarter on a busy Saturday afternoon. I mean, cat calling and comments from half pissed men ain't the nicest on a normal note.. But when you're trying to look fierce AF working those Public Desire boots for the blog, it just ain't gonna happen is it? Well, at least not when you're getting asked to pose for a selfie with the guy that's ventured out from the pub (yes, true story. Gross, I know).

It was these experiences from the gen pop that halted my progress as a blogger. Yes, my images had improved from the flower bed & grass backdrop that were once my signature.. But, I decided to start searching for more remote locations. Roof tops, under bridges, side streets.. you name it! Locations with minimal people, meant minimal comments. But, my images became just like my locations... Minimal!

I like to reflect on which direction my blog is going in and by doing so, I often become unhappy with my posts or imagery. Natural, of course.. Who doesn't love improvement? Inspiration is key and I often look to other influencers who can inspire me when I'm shooting with my photographer Raych. This then mainly consists of her lying on the floor for half the shoot, trying to get that 'blogger shot' (Sorry Raych). But, inspiration alone wasn't enough for me to conquer my fear of people staring at me on the street .. I needed to find out how these vloggers deal with the stares and the comments day after day! So, with that in mind, I decided to reach out to one of my favourite daily vloggers and asked for some advice:

'Someone looking at you, is never ever going to have a negative effect on your life! The only negative effect it will have, will be that it will hold you back from what you're trying achieve. People are curious, of course they're going to stare.. But think about the times you look at someone doing something on the street.. It's just curiosity, never judgement. & If it is judgement, you'll never see that person ever again anyway.'

This personally, hit me like a ton of bricks! Why should I shy away and stop what I'm doing because of someone else's curiosity. I know for one that whenever I look over at someone, it is simply that.! Just to look.. You know, because I am a little nosey! And for me to get so worked up and bothered about it, is quite frankly...silly! For years I've let it effect me, effect my blog! It's amazing just how much one sentence can completely change your outlook on things. It's crazy how blogging has helped me develop my style, individuality and now my confidence! I apply this mentality to all aspects of my life and I am without a doubt very comfortable in my own skin because of it. 

Never let anyone else's thoughts/stares/comments effect you! You do you giiiiiirl (or boy) 😝



Saturday, 13 May 2017

The Power of a Positive Mind

Isn't it funny how some of the most cliché and overused phrases can turn out to be the ultimate guide and answer to everyday life situations?

'Everything happens for a reason'
'Only time can heal'
'Stay positive and good things will happen'

The latter being my favourite cheesy quote that I'm living by right now. The reason being, is that I allowed the thought of having a more positive attitude resonate in my head. I 100% believe in the power of positivity so, I gave it time to sink in and reflected a little on how I could apply it to my day to day lifestyle and mindset going forward.

The other day, the perfect opportunity came along to put my new positive mindset to the test. If you follow me on Instagram, you might have seen that my car battery went flat, making me miss an event with Missguided. An event that I had been looking forward to for weeks and I was pretty bummed out that I was missing it! At first, the frustration and annoyance about the situation kicked in. The usual thoughts of wishing the situation had happened at a more convenient time were in full swing and I was in desperate hope that a passer by would be my knight and shining armour! These thoughts are completely normal and without a doubt, 9 out of 10 people will most likely think this too! Especially if you're missing something super important!

It wasn't until I sat back in my car (waiting patiently for the AA), that I stopped my train of thought and began trying to spin a not so ideal situation into a positive one. The main thing I needed to remind myself of was that this was a situation that I had zero control over. There was nothing I could have done to prevent it and I certainly couldn't hurry the whole process along so I could make it in time for my event. But what I could control, was my attitude towards it.

What was I really moaning about in the first place anyway? For starters, I'm pretty thankful that I have a car at all anyway, because I wouldn't be able to do half the things I'm able to do now without it! Secondly, I wasn't in any danger or hurt and the situation could have been much worse! So I sat there and thought about it all... If I just accept that situations like this are inevitable, I'd use a lot less time and effort complaining than I would just accepting it and moving on.

In that instance, my phone bleeped and I got a notification saying that the ETA for the AA had reduced by 45 minutes. Now the universe may not work that quickly in the realm of positive vibes, but  damn what a great time for a coincidence to happen?

Now I may have missed an amazing event that evening, but I definitely had a little life lesson taught to me instead. Everything happens for a reason, ey? :)

Women's Trainers c/o JD Women



Sunday, 7 May 2017

3 X The Powder Blue | Boohoo

Wedding season is fast approaching & the frantic online shopping to find the perfect outfit that strikes the balance of both style and the superpower to hide the food baby post 3 course meal (including the extra slice of wedding cake that wasn't necessary but just *had* to happen), can be a real nightmare! It can be tricky to find the outfit that ticks all the boxes, and for the first time EVER.. I'm heading to my first ever English wedding later this month so I've been on the lookout for the past couple of months to find my perfect 'fit.

I find myself choosing comfort over style more & more recently and with the sun finally making an appearance, worrying about a jacket to compliment the outfit to keep warm isn't at the forefront of outfit planning *hurray* (does a jacket without sleeves count?).

I remember watching a music video from the 90's where the set was completely powder blue & I've had a little bit of a love for this colour ever since. So when I lapped eyes on this set, along with the fact that it's the ultimate co-ord (a tad obsessed with these at the moment), I knew it was the outfit for me! Bandue top to hide my no boobs - check! Culotte trousers - CHECK! Colour of dreams - DOUBLE CHECK!

It's an outfit that's worthy of multiple wears and will not be thrown in the back of my wardrobe until clear out happens, and so I'd definitely dress this down for day to day to get the most out of this outfit. I'd team it with my Stan Smiths and a pink faux fur bomber for those chilly British evenings.

Stuck for something to wear this wedding season? Check out Boohoo's occasion wear collection 



Tuesday, 25 April 2017

My Laser Hair Removal Consultation | DestinationSkin Manchester

Hair. Besides the hair on your head, talking about hair anywhere else on the body that is not on your head isn't the most attractive of conversations. In fact, in some respects (or most of mine), it can be a pretty embarrassing situation just talking about hair elsewhere on my body, never mind people actually noticing that I'm not a fair haired Goddess (oh the dream) and what's EVEN worse is when someone is actually thoughtless enough to point out and comment on an insecurity because THEY think it's odd and they want to point it out to you like you never noticed it yourself before. Being from an Asian background, body hair was a common trait. I knew that... But society didn't!

I wanted to write this post and tell people the struggle of growing up & having to battle with the constant removal of hair. I remember being much younger and googleing 'Why am I so hairy compared to my friends' & I must have gotten 1,000 hits talking about guys & their body hair. No mention of women at all! It was virtually impossible to find an answer that would put my mind at ease. Of course, now being older... I know that it really just is down to genes & there actually isn't anything wrong with me!

Hair. It's a wonderful curse. Big brows & long luscious waist length hair can be the envy for some, but stubble ridden legs & oh so noticeable peach fuzz has been the bane of my life since I was about 10 years old.



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