10 Fashion Rules..

Everyone is guilty when it comes to buying unnecessary items that end up staying in your closet years after you have purchased them. Whether it was a Sale must have or an ‘investment’ piece gone awry, I’ve compiled 10 simple rules to think about whilst shopping, which I believe will help you compile your very own capsule wardrobe! I should really try to stick to them myself, as I am also guilty of having an overloaded closet & constantly complaining about having nothing to wear! Whoops..

The ‘this will fit when I lose 10 pounds’ clothing
When buying clothes, you should always try them on & decide, whether it be at that moment in time or go away & think about it, to buy it based on its fit and style against your body shape. There really is no point in buying clothes based on false promises & hopes of a weight loss within a week – you will have probably stuffed the item of clothing at the back of your wardrobe by that point.

Seasons Must -Haves
Everybody falls into the trap of buying this seasons clothes, shoes & accessories as we’re surrounded by them! I believe that if you know you will wear the item over & over, even after season, purchase the item! There’s simply nothing better than falling in love with a key season item & pairing it with next seasons must have jeans!

Be Comfortable – Be Brave
Don’t shy away behind your old style every time you go out to buy new ‘reinventing’ clothing. Ask an assistant or a personal shopper to pick out key items for you. this will allow a complete stranger to pick clothing which will suite your body shape and style. This can boost your confidence and help you move into a completely new style!

Three Seasons
Simple fashion law: If an item has been in for three consecutive seasons, it it safe to say it is a basic essential item & must have! It is always good to invest in basic’s

Every girl must own A Little Black Dress (make Coco proud!) & a Little Red Dress.

Be Ahead of The Game!
Trends have a short shelf life, so don’t buy your entire closet in spring 2012, or you will end up being very unfashionable come Autumn! Take a peep at future trends & catwalks a few seasons ahead! It’s always best to stay on top of trends, as you can identify key items in spring which will still be used in later trends! The high street are good at doing this, so you must be too!

High Heels
Invest in a good pair of high heels. Every girl has a pair of ‘must-have-these-they-go-with-everything’ shoes!

Oversized Items
Oversized cardigans, jumpers and tee’s have been around for a few years now. they are a good investment and, when styled correctly, can be part of many looks!

Sale Items
Yeah okay, It’s 70% off, but does that mean buy it!? You need to remember: stores have sale’s to get rid of left over stock & out of season items.. Unless it is a ‘key basic/must have’ item then don’t waste your money on something which will only be worn once!

Black is Gold
Black clothing always looks more, expensive, flattering, sophisticated & slimming.. but don’t shy away behind it! For corporate reasons pair a black boyfriend blazer with a bright vest underneath for a pop of colour! Or you could go back to basics with white, and team it with a rouge lipstick for dramatic effect!