Today I’m Wearing #1

Okay so I thought I’d do a little segment on ‘What I’m Wearing’… 
I’ll be going through some of my favourite outfits and will be posting some pages of what other people are wearing so keep a look out for them!
Okay so today was just a typical winters day. Cold, raining on & off throughout the day and quite frankly.. dull. As I would be spending most of my time indoors (food shopping) wrapping up warm wasn’t quite my first thought for my outfit…
Head to Toe

Head:  I’m wearing a Blue chunky knit headband with a large knot at the front from Asos. I love this purchase! It was in the sale for only £2! I decided to wear the knot at the side of my head instead of the front as show on the Asos models, and I feel it looks a little quirkier and less prominent. I shall be wearing this a lot over these cold winter days!
Body:  I’m wearing a Dandelion print petite playsuit, also from Asos with a brown skinny Vera Moda waist belt. The playsuit is actually in the style of a halter neck, which is what made me buy this item in the first place. It’s great for nights out too!
Outer:  I’m wearing a black oversized cardigan from Zara with detailed cable knit around the front panels. It has little gold decorational buttons around the pockets! Such a cute piece of knitwear.
Shoes:  River Island snow boots. I bought these last winter, and even though they’re suede, they’ve lasted me a great deal. I really did wear them through the snow & ice to test out their name & they have perfect grip! 
Bag:  My beautiful Fossil bag! I first spotted this bag in summer at the Fossil store in Manchester & instantly fell in love but they retailed at £200! I was lucky enough to win the bag on Ebay with a winning big of just £30! BARGAIN!