Fashion in the year 2025

Sustainable Fashion: A fast growing area in design whereby products are made to be environmentally friendly and a small carbon footprint. This is accomplished by using natural organic materials which can be easily decomposed when disposed of and made from renewable energy.
I have taken a larger interest within this aspect of fashion as I recently studied it at university and I’m considering using this as my topic for my dissertation.
Did you know…?
To produce one pair of jeans, the cotton it contains uses the same amount of water you drink in your entire life time to produce.
This makes cotton a very bad material to use for clothing, even though it’s a naturally grown fibre, and is therefore not a sustainable product. There are huge cotton industries in 3rd world countries such as Uzbekistan and India where families spend their entire lives on cotton farms, with no money, small amounts of food, living in debt and horrible conditions, so companies like Primark are able to supply us with cheap clothing.
Here are 4 videos based on theories about how the Fashion Industry will look in the year 2025 with new energy resources and ideas taken into place..