GQ: Best Dressed Male 2012

A lot of talk has surrounded this topic as many have argued over the current order of this years Best Dress Males 2012. With Tinie Tempah being no.1 and Prince Charles no.50, speculation and much debate has arisen. I however love that a Celebrity such as Tinie Tempah has been able to hit the no.1 spot, but disagree with many of the choices and certain order of some of these celebs. David Beckham should really have been in the top 10!
Interested in who else made the cut…?
No.1 Tinie Tempah
No.2 Mario Balotelli
No.3 Matt Smith
No.5 Andrew Garfield
No.6 Henry Cavill
No.7 Idris Elba
No. 8 Christian Bale
No. 9 Segio Pizzorno
No. 10 Ian Brown
No. 11 Dizzee Rascal
No. 13 David Beckham
No. 16 Gary Barlow
No. 18 Dermot O’Leary
No. 23 Luke Evans (phwor!!)
No. 29 Miles Kane
No.35 Jack Whitehall

No.37 Daniel Craig
No. 38 Amir Khan
No. 41 Labrinth
No. 44 Adrien Sauvage & George Lamb
No. 46 Douglas Booth
No. 50 Prince Charles
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