DIY #1 – Studded Shorts

So I’ve been pondering around the idea of studding a pair of my shorts, except the million pairs I already own just werent the right style to compliment studs. So I decided it was time to invest in some vintage Levi cut off shorts. I bagged some high waisted black denim beauties for only £15, but being the clumsy idiot I am, never realised I ordered a size 18 instead of 8.. whoops

I eventually found a pair in my size I liked: High waisted dark washed blue (although the colour in the pictures doesn’t do them justice!)

I started off by decided where I wanted my studs and marked the points with some chalk
I bought these studs off ebay, 10pcs for £3.50. I wanted the fairly ‘spikey’ ones and not the cut off  or square ones as these are more rare and seen less on studded clothing at the moment.

I then slit a small hole into the areas marked with chalk and pushed the fasten through and screwed on the stud & tadaaah! easy as that.. Literally took me about 10mins!