Inside My Bag

My bag holds my life & without it  I’d most certainly be lost, which girl wouldn’t? I’ve had this Fossil bag for about 6 months now and its so convenient!
So here we have:
Blackberry- Its actually broken (poor phone) but I’m getting a new one on Monday! Wahooo!
Pukka Pad – I’ve not taken this out from when I had my university lectures before Easter break, but you never know when it will come in handy!
Purse – Bought from TKMAXX for £10 and holds about a zillion things, best purse I’ve ever bought!
Ipod – As I don’t have a car, my ipod accompanies me on all those little walks to & from uni. 
I love my ipod sooo much!

Terrys Choc Orange – for those peckish moments
Comb – for those emergency moments!

USB pen – Its actually not mine, but my sisters hehe
Keys – house & university lock key to keep all my precious bits and bobs safe
Lip Balm, Pink Lipstick & Max factor lip pen – the lip balm is self explanatory really, the pink lipstick is my emergency/backup lipstick i carry around if I’ve ever forgotten to take out the one I’m actually wearing that day (god forbid) and the Max factor pen was what I was wearing that day.
Pens – A girl always has a pen in her bag, it’s simply incomplete without one (or two)
Pins – I also forgot to take these out from my bag after a practical I had at uni hehe
Paracetamol – same as the above really 🙂
Umbrella – I always carry an umbrella as I hate getting caught in the rain and April showers are almost upon us!

What do you have in your bag?