KONY 2012

So last night I couldn’t get to sleep as per usual & watching Gossip Girl online just wasn’t a good bedtime watch – so Facebook had to do, right? I slowly started seeing people post this ‘Kony 2012’ video on my newsfeed and instantly thought nothing of it. I assumed it was just some video people found funny or a phase etc.. until I began reading the ‘omg speechless’ & ‘please watch this’ captions. So, I watched it… I had no idea what or who it was about & it was making no sense to me what so ever (I’m seriously slow at times) until the actual severity of the situation hit me – I was close to tears! How can we be so blind and arrogant to these situations at this day and age!?
If you don’t have any clue as to what I’m talking about here’s the gist:  
KONY 2012 -Lets make him FAMOUS!
Watch this 29 minute video which explains what and who Joseph Kony is & how we can all pull together to make the lives of children in Africa better!

If you are from Leeds, there is an event on the 20th April 2012 in aid of the Invisible Children appeal
click the link below to get involed – hopefully I’ll see you there!
Click on the image above to purchase your KONY 2012  action pack – it costs around £19 and all proceeds go to help the children in Africa have better lives!