Lovin’ #1


Sheer cream top – Topshop
Beetle Juice Leggings – Black Milk Clothing
BOY of London Leggings – Leavetheboyalone.com
I’ve been attracted to very different and unusual styles recently – and I quite like it! I’ve been bored of my clothes recently & have been trying to change them up and customise them, but I’m still not satisfied. So during my hours of scrolling through blogs and online ‘window’ shopping I came across these!
the Topshop top is a very simple yet chic little number that can dress up a simple pair of shorts, as I’m always in need of new tops and I don’t own any!
I absolutley LOVE these beetlejuice leggings! They’ve been around for about a year now on Black Milk and are now sold out but I still want/need them! Boohoo and other high street stores have copied the style – so I could just go & buy a pair from there but its just not the same 🙁
BOY London is making a come back due to Rihanna and Jessie J being seen sporting their clothing – but I’ve been after a piece of BOY clothing for well over a year now, and thanks to these celebs prancing around in them, theyre becoming more available! I’ve seen a BOY body I totally want but can’t seem to find it anywhere, so I guess these leggings will have to do! (I think I can totally rock them out though)
If I ever eventually have any money & able to purchase any new items I’ll do a post to show case!