Nail Art #1 – Tiger Print

I’ve gained a slight new obsession recently – Nail Art
I’ve always been the type of girl to have painted nails and to experiment now & then with different ideas, but recently I’ve been stepping it up a notch!
For those of you who don’t know, my last name Sher, actually means Tiger.. So when I saw a tiger print design I went crazy & just had to do them – & it’s really easy!
1. Begin by applying a base coat. This stops your nails from becoming damged from wearing too much nail polish!
2. paint all your nails white – 2 coats should do the trick!
*wait for nails to dry*
3. Dab a few blobs of orange nail polish onto a paper plate. Take a make up sponge, and dab it into the polish slightly and sponge onto the tips of all your nails.
*be light handed with this and work from the tips up, as you want a gradient effect*
4. Take a black striper and sweep lines onto your nails from to create the tiger print!
5. Apply a clear varnish over the top when completely dry to protect your design.
& there you have it, Tiger print nails in less than 15mins!