Nail Art #2 – Cupcake

Today I will be teaching you step by step how to get these really cute cupcake design nails! – don’t fear, they’re really easy to do!
1. start by painting your nails with a base coat to protect your nails from the polish.
2. choose a bright colour which will stand out – pinks work really well – and use this colour for the base colour of your design. For each nail you want the cupcake design on – do a manicure strip at the bottom of your nail (this will look like the cupcake case).
*wait for nails to dry completely*
3.  using a nail pen or striper, paint stripes down your nails – choose a colour that will compliment your base colour and stand out!
Now the Cupcake design..
4. using a dotting tool, paint three dots close together at the top of your manicure striped nail (almost like your drawing the top of a cloud) and then fill in the top of the cupcake with a semi circle.
*wait for this to completely dry*
5. using a smaller dotting tool – add a little love heart candy on top with a few pink sprinkles for detail!
Try using gems for the sprinkles instead for a more glam look!
6. Apply a clear top coat to protect your design!