Product Review #1

Anyone that knows me should know that I am completely obsessed with lipsticks! 
I own over 12 shades of bright pinks and reds & I never leave the house without it.. The only problem is my friends absolutely hate when I give them a big sloppy kiss & then they’re left with lipstick stains all over their face. Whoops!
So I tried out Max Factors Lip tint pen in shade 06 & fell in love! Its almost lip a felt tip pen which you draw on. It transforms your lips into a bright red pout – & I can’t stop raving about it to everyone – and best of all it doesn’t rub off!

I apply it once at the start of a night out, and top it up slightly from where it has come off due to eating/drinking!
Although word of warning, if your having a dry/cracked lip moment I wouldn’t recommend wearing this, as the colour sticks more to dryer areas of skin and can look slightly messy.
My maXfactor lip pen ♥ 
*3 for 2 at Superdrug plus student discount*