Sustainable Fashion & Survey Results

 My latest Design Development project at University is about Fashion Futures. Its a really interesting topic, and is something I’m quite passionate about. It includes looking at how we consume fashion, sustainability, eco fashion, fast fashion and much more. As a whole, we as consumers buy far too many clothes which we either don’t need or dispose of before necessary. I’m quite guilty of this myself, as I do buy clothes ‘because I can’ and not because I need new clothes but the more I research and look into this topic, the more I am becoming aware of the issues. I’ve started to customise some of my old clothes due to being very bored of them and saves me buying more! (I’ll try and do more posts on this)
I recently did a survey which touched upon varies areas of sustainable fashion to help me gather some research and gain an insight into peoples knowledge of sustainable fashion, and I was rather shocked at the results!
I had over 50 responses, and was very shocked at the outcome of results.
72% of people who took my survey gave their old clothes to charity

50% of people bought new clothes to be ‘on trend’ with 61% being because they just wanted new clothes

only 40% of people knew that we are running out of resources to be able to make and produce new clothing (wow! This goes for many other things other than mass production of apparel!)

30% of people knew and understood what sustainable fashion is & if you still don’t know heres my little definition for you:
Sustainable fashion is clothing which is produced with a little strain on natural resources and the environment and can be decomposed fully in post – life. It is also fair on workers who produce and sources the materials.

A shocking 80% of people believed that cotton was a better fibre than polyester!
Cotton, although you can buy organic cottons etc, is mainly grown in third world countries and is produced unethically for workers. It also takes one persons life time supply of water to grow enough cotton which is used in just one pair of jeans!
I’ve touched upon sustainable fashion and cotton and how it is going to effect our future in a previous post. Haven’t seen it yet? check it out HERE
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