I love Organising

With my recent obsession with nail art recently, my collection of nail polishes have grown massively – so, it was only time to sort it all out and arrange it all nice and neatly as my little make up bag was overflowing and tearing at the seems. I remembered my sister had this cute little case which she never used so I stole it from her (with her knowledge of course). I can say I’m quite proud of how cute it looks!

I wish I had much more money than I do so I could buy all the Barry M, Gosh, O.P.I & Ciate colours in the world, but unfortunately my status of ‘broke ass student’ has not yet and will not change in the near future. But, saying that, my nail designs don’t look too shoddy seeing as though most of my nail polishes are either Rimmel, a few Barry M’s I purchased in the ASOS sale, Avon (which are amazing and I 100% recommend when they’re on offer for £2.40 each) and a mixture of other smaller brands which I bought for about a £1, showing you that you don’t always need the top brands to have amazing nails!
The bottom right image shows all my stripers (nail art pen) colours I own. I bought them off Ebay for around £12 for 24 colours – and they’re amazing. Unlike the typical nail art pens which are more dominant around Ebay, these are just the striper without the pen as I’ve bought the pen/striper combo ones before and found the nips on the pens constantly clog up or just don’t work at all!
I also bought the nail gems for £1 off Ebay – and some nail dotting tools for £1 (not photographed due to bad camera sorry). But you can make your own dotting tools from things around the house such as a bobby pin or tooth pick
Hope you like my nail polish collection – what’s yours?