Lovin’ #2

Envelope clutch bags seem to be everywhere at the moment – an with their classic yet elegant style there’s no wonder they’re sticking around for a while. I’ve been on the hunt for a new clutch but couldn’t seem to find one that was versatile enough to wear with most of my outfits (as I’m trying to be more of a ‘capsule wardrobe’ type person). All recent designs seem to be striped, neon or in pastel shades which I find quite annoying as come winter it will be sitting in the back of my wardrobe for years. Then my sister showed me this bag she bought from Boohoo for £18. I fell in love with it straight away as the tiny skull tilling effect is very discreet yet gives it an edge and allows room for giving different looks to different styles and outfits.
I shall be borrowing this from my sister a lot come summer – I am a student after all..
Tip: Boohoo have started doing 10% student discount for NUS extra cardholders 🙂