Today I Bought #2

Three Gold Bands £4
Multicoloured Jewelled Cube £3
Eagle £3

Spending whole days browsing Tumblr, online ‘window’ shopping and reading other blogs certainly makes you want to buy everything in the world doesn’t it? Well, for me it does anyway, and that’s how I lead to buying these..
I’ve noticed I seem to be lacking in the jewellery department of things as I’ve not really updated my jewellery collection for a good year or so, and the one thing screaming out to me from browsing all these blogs were rings. I used to have so many nice little rings, but they’re all either so old that they turn your finger green, too big (as I have ridiculously skinny fingers) or massive flower/jewelled rings which were fashionable about 4 years ago. So, it was definitely time to invest in some more up to date stylish rings and I managed to grab these three rings from ASOS in the sale (& they were all size small – double bargin!)! I particularly love the multicoloured cube as its so different and definitely eye catching, I can’t wait to wear it out! I’ve also seen some vintage three finger rings on Ebay which I’m keeping my eye on to buy at a later date..
 (student loan next week – hehe)