DIY #4 – I love studs

First of all I would like to apologise to my followers for the lack of posts lately! I’ve been back at uni for 2 and a half weeks now & it’s all been a little bit of a blur with deadlines coming up and the mad rush of seeing all my friends again after the holidays – it’s left me very little time to do any posts!
Well the other day I did manage to spruce up a pair of my denim shorts! I bought these a while ago – they are just a simple pair of black frayed cut offs with leopard  print panels at the front. I love these shorts to bits but always find it difficult to pair them with a top that looks rights – anyone have any suggestions for me?
Anyway, I bought some little studs from Ebay in silver, black and this bronze colour for about £1.99 per pack and they finally arrived the other day! At first I was stuck on what piece of clothing to attack full of studs and then decided on these as I wanted some detailing on the back as well as the front!
I chose to do a gradient effect with the studs on the back pocket & think they have turned out quite nice!
I also added a little section of left over studs to one belt loop for cheeky detail!