Loosing track of time!

Hey Guys! So sorry for the recent lack of constant posts, but it’s that time if the year where I think everybody struggles with time management due to mass amounts of deadlines and revision overload. I’ve been very busy recently and I don’t really know where my time had gone, so as soon as my exam is over and done with next week I promise to be a better a blogger and keep you guys updated on my life!
I have over the past week, however, changed from a Blabkberry user to an iphone user and LOVE it! I don’t know how I survived before.. So I’m now on Instagram if anyone would like to follow me my Username is: Sabina Sher. I’ve also done a little bit of online shopping for my holiday, so as soon as it arrives I’ll definately post about them! I’m off to the gym today for the first time in my life – wish me luck guys! But until then I’ll leave you with my latest nail design which I created using a nail stamp!
Enjoy x