Stop Being So Awkward #2

I’f you’ve seen my previous post, you’d know that my sister has recently taken up Photography as her profession! Well, here’s the second instalment from the shoot we did a few weeks ago… Like it? I love it!! I’m planning on doing another shoot really soon, but with so many busy schedules and with my holiday to Thailand coming up my blogging amongst many other things has been pushed aside (so sorry!). I’m going into Manchester tomorrow to get together some cute bikinis and other outfits I’m going to need for when I’m out there, so if you have any suggestions on what types of things I’ll need, please feel free to let me know!
I’m also going to Park Life this weekend and its looking like rain, so a wellies purchase may be in order too, but I’ve never really been a wellies types of girl so I’m going on the hunt for some really cool ones! I also want to buy a whole festival outfit for this weekend – a huge splurge is around the corner which means a new  post on what I bought tomorrow!