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Wednesday, 11 July 2012

Back from The Land of Thai

Sawadeeka! (Hello in Thai) Its been a while.. 
I'm finally back from Thailand and raring to go with more posts for you guys as I have been slacking a lot lately! (so so sorry!). I've been away for almost 4 weeks, and had the most amazing time! Over the past four weeks I've travelled up and down Thailand and managed to visit a lot of places including: Bangkok, Chaing Mai, Phucket, Koh Phi Phi, Krabi, Koh Samui and Koh Pangang and indulged in many activities such as Elephant trecks, Hiking up mountains, Falling down mountains, playing with monkeys, partying till 8am at The Full Moon Party, visited Mellow Mountain, feeding a Tiger Cub and much much more - but reality had to sink in soon and I'm ready to get back to my usual life and routines (just with a very heavy tan haha).

I managed to scoop up some very cute little items whilst I was out there too, so I'll be sure to post about them soon once they're washed and looking decent after being screwed up in my suitcase for weeks! I'm still feeling pretty tired from all the travelling, and I've some how managed to catch a cold on my last few days out there. I don't know how I managed this when its 40 degrees over there - only me!

So whilst I spend the rest of my day recovering from jet lag and this silly cold, I'll leave you with a picture of me feeding a Tiger cub - enjoy x



  1. Oh you lucky thing, I'm so jealous. It's been well over 2 years since I was last in Thailand! (Love the picture!)

    Lea x

    1. Thank you! I'm already wishing I was back there!

  2. Wow it sounds like you had an amazing time! So sorry about the cold, though - get well soon! :) Amelia xx

    1. I had the most amazing time indeed! Thank you - feeling better now :)

  3. That photo is adorable, I love Tigers!

    1. Me too! I was ecstatic when I saw them x


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