Black & White Zebra Stripes

Dress – Republic
Cardigan – Ark Clothing
Belt – Vero Moda
Military Boots – Garage Shoes
My favourite thing to do is to pair a pretty little dress with an oversized cardigan and military boots and wrap a belt round my torso to give myself a waist again – it’s just too comfy and practical to resist wearing, yet you still keep the cute ‘I’ve not tried very hard to look nice’ look. I don’t think I’ll ever tire of over doing this combo! I’m also obsessed with my military boots, I’ve had them for a good year now and they’re still going strong, I also have them in a dusty brown colour – I must show you these soon!
As you can see, I also tried out a braid in my hair (I’ve been going mad wanting to do all the styles in my hair at the same time, but of course, I would look like a right tool if I actually stepped out the house with 5 styles of plaits running through my hair). I usually push my now grown out fringe away from my face with a plait, as all this wind and rain makes it stick to my face and poke me in the eyes, but I tried an inside out plait this time, and I think I’m in love with it. I started off my plait quite far back than I normally do and parted my hair in a way so that my other hair would fall on top of the start of the braid. That way, you hide the horrible small plait and white skull from where you parted it! I then started plaiting an ‘inside out’ plait across my forehead and avoided adding in any hair from the side closest to my forehead – this gave a more relaxed and loose effect. I then just simply placed a few grips to hold it in place & wallah!
Have you tried out any of the braid techniques?
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