Bonkers for Braids

I’ve always had a love for braids; It started at a very very young age (I think about 6) when I used to sit down in front of my mirror for hours and braid my entire head of hair, I’d then swing my head around wiping people in the face a lot not doubt as I paraded around with what I thought was the best hair style known to man. I was quite adventurous at one point too, I began braiding my hair in all sorts of ways (some which looked very silly – I don’t know how my mother aloud me to go to school like that either). My love for braids never really calmed down – as I got older my braids turned into fish plaits, French plaits and then eventually into corn rows. I sported the braid look for several years and when it eventually went out of style, my signature ‘braid’ hair do was long gone.
So as you can imagine, I was extremely happy to see that braids had made their way back into Vogue and people were obsessing over them all over again! I can’t stop myself gawking at the new weird and wonderful styles people have come up with, it really makes me wonder how they do it, don’t you? Well I’ve managed to get hold of a few tutorials for you – so you can practise till perfection.
The Fish Plait Twist
1. Begin my separating your hair into two equal halves (or for a side parting – part diagonal across the back of your head in the opposite direction to your parting to allow for equal hair thickness in each braid.
2. Start your Fish plait at the top of the head, adding in a small amount of hair each time. This gives a better effect rather than large amounts.
3. Once you have got to the end of your plait, hold it loosely and pinch out the strands of hair from the braid to achieve the look in the picture (bottom left)
4. Complete the same process on the other side
5. Twist both ends up and pin into place.
Upside Down French Braid

1. Tip your head upside down and brush all your hair so its smooth and tangle free. 
2. Begin your braid from the nape of your neck towards the crown of your head and fasten with a hair band securely.
3. Tie the rest of your hair up into a high pony tail and fasten with another hair band including the braided hair.
4. For a messy bun, back comb your pony tail slightly and twist into a bun and secure with pins/hair band.
Inside out French Twist
1. Begin by doing an ‘inside out’ French braid down the back of your head and fasten with a hair band.
2. coil the end of the braid around and place at the side of the braid
3. Once you’re happy with the position, pin securely in place
Have you got any tutorials for hair braid?
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