Just Can’t Resit..

I’ve been finding myself being attracted to more and more accessories lately – I just can’t stop myself being pulled towards all the shiny jewellery and wanting to buy it all! After drooling over many posts and Tumblr and reading many jewellery haul blog posts, I came across this very cute store called The Accessory Stand.
They offer a range of beautiful accessories for all occasions – and the best part is that its very affordable!
Here are a few of my favourite pieces:
The Key of Love Earrings £2.50
 Antique Key Necklace £5.99
Silver Pearl Bracelet £2.00 
Feather Away Ring £5.25
 Silver Prism Ring £2.00
 Festival Ear Chain £5.99
I fell in love with this Festival Ear Chain so much whilst browsing the store, that I may just have to buy it! I told you I can’t keep myself away from all this wonderful shiny jewellery.
Which pieces do you like the best?
Take a look at their store The Accessory Stand & Their Facebook Page