Tie Dye For..

Tie Dye Tee – Bangkok
Ripped Hotpants – H&M
High Top Wedges – ASOS
Nails – Barry M
I didn’t plan to do an outfit post today, it was just by chance my mum asked me to nip into town with her for a few bits and bobs and I jumped at the chance to get out the house and get ready and wear this top; as sitting at home for the past two days after a month of being a busy I needed to just get ready and go out – even if it was only for an hour or so!
Dip dye/Ombre & tie dye clothing have been around for quite some time now, but I didn’t seem to warm to this trend quite so much until I found this tee which I bought from Bangkok! As soon as I found it, I fell in love as it merges the patterned pocket trend together too. The pocket is hand stitched by the lovely lady who I bought it from (for £5 – bargain!) which I feel makes it a little more personal and unique rather than buying it off a rack with 20 of the same behind it. I also love the pastel colours and the way they blend together so smoothly! I loved it so much, I used it as inspiration for my nails too!
These high top wedges I featured in a previous post of mine in which many of you asked for an OOTD, well here it is! They’re quite mucky now (sorry) after being worn on many nights out! I find them to be super deceiving and I love it as they add an extra 4inches to my hight and only a few people ever notice as the heels are quite hidden! I’d really recommend them to anyone who loves extra height.
What are your favourite ombre pieces?