Back to Reality!

Sooo… I’m back from Cyprus! I bet you’re thinking ‘why so soon?’ – well my original plan was to stay out there for two months and work, but a few things came up with University that meant I had to fly back to the UK early. Boohoo! 
I was working for the Linekers Bar in Paphos and had the most amazing time! It was a surreal experience and I met some incredible people, it really makes me want to do an entire season somewhere like Ibiza next summer! I can truly say I’ve had the best summer of my life, with travelling Thailand then working abroad! But reality had to hit me hard at some point and its time to knuckle down with starting my research for my dissertation and searching for a job before I enter the world of Final Year at uni! 
So, until my next post – I’ll leave you a picture of the Harbour in Paphos! Enjoy x