Nail Art #11 – Zebra Stripes

This is a really easy and cute nail tutorial and it literally takes about 15 minutes! Animal prints for nail designs have been around for a while now, looks like people just can’t get enough! I’m going to be telling you how to achieve this design using just a nail striper!
1.  Use a basecoat to protect your nails from the polish
2. Use a Matte polish as a base and apply two coats, if you can buy a matte topcoat and apply it over the top of any varnish to dull the shine if you don’t have any matte polishes. (You don’t have to use a matte polish, but the shine and contrast off the silver looks more dramatic)
3. To create the Zebra stripes I pulled up an image off Google to get the pattern correct. It’s mainly just triangular patterns with lines inbetween.
4. Clean up around your nails using a cotton bud dipped in polish remover.
5. If you’ve used a Matte polish, don’t add a topcoat or it will add a shine and detract away from the contrasting colours.
Experiment with all sorts of colours and animal prints! Using a Matte black polish and a black striper has a really cute and subtle effect!