Nail Art #13 – I Want Candy

First of all I would like to apologise do the lack of pictures and layout of this post as I’m doing it from my iPhone as my laptop is in repair (boohoo) and the blogger app is not very sophisticated in terms of adjusting all the nitty gritty things that my OCD makes me do, however hurrah for spellcheck!

Anyway, I saw a nail design on Instagram which was full of horizontal stripes and was so colourful that it have me inspiration to do my own version! So here’s how I did it, it’s a lot simpler than it looks I promise!
1. Begin by using a base coat to protect your nails
2. Use a base colour and paint two coats for a strong colour, I used orange.
3. Chose around 3/4 colours (nail stripers or use dotting tools/paint brush) and begin by using your first colour to paint horizontal stripes across your nails.
Now this is the beauty of this design, as you can really do it how you like, just add more and more stripes with different colours. You don’t need to wait for each stripe to dry as even when the colours touch, they just blend together but don’t run into each other!
4. I used my white striper as my last colour to highlight in certain areas an made sure the stripes were much thinner than the coloured stripes.
It really is that easy!
Once again, really sorry this isn’t a great tutorial and isn’t a picturesque as my other tutorials! I’ll make it up to you, I promise 🙂 x