Asos Haul

Embellished Headband Skull Tee
Skater skirt in Black
Geometric Chiffon Blouse
Leopard Print Leggings
Rose Gold Sequin Symmetrical Dress
Midi Rings
For anyone that reads my blog regularly, you’ll know I’m a Asos addict! So, when they sent me a 25% off code for further reductions on the sale items (thank you Asos Premier) I just couldn’t resit! Believe it or not, but everything I bought was £10 or under – definitely a good day!
I bought the embellished skull tee a while ago though, I needed something to wear for Mint Festival, and nothing screams Sabina more than a studded Skull top! When it arrived I realised that the armholes were very tight and too close to my underarms for my liking! I cut the armholes longer until it felt comfortable but did’t want my bra to be on show! So I decided to finally use some studs I bought a while ago and stud one of my spare bandeaus. It took me about an hour to apply the studs to each side of the bandeau, and I was a little late in getting ready for the festival, but it turned out brilliant, I absolutely loveee it! Here’s a picture (sorry bad quality) of how it turned out!
As for the rest of the items from my haul, I was once again successful in buying something I don’t already own! If you follow me on Instagram you would have already seen that I’ve already worn everything I’ve bought from this haul! I just loveee the feeling you get from wearing new clothes. I need to buy a tripod for my SLR so I can start taking my own outfit posts and stop doing the whole ‘camera & mirror’ pose!
It’s my big TWO ONE birthday night out tonight, so I’m spending the day pampering myself for tonight’s antics! I’m getting quite excited now thinking about it! I’ll do a birthday post soon to follow too!