Birthday Wishlist #1

(Left to Right)
Pork Pie Hat – Topshop
Paris Waist Belt – Topshop
Leaf Armour Ring – Topshop
Dr Martens Serena Black Fur Lined
 Alexus Harness Platform Boots – Topshop
Quilted Tassel Bag – River Island
So my 21st birthday is in just a little over two weeks so I decided to create a little series of ‘wishlists’ of things I’d love to have. It’s just an excuse for me to browse online really and drool over all the things I want but literally can’t afford to have.
I seem to be wanting everything at the moment though, I really want to re vamp and change my style a little. I always keep it safe pretty much and tend to swerve away from things that are actually on trend and go for things that are ‘safe’ and I can wear the next year, but that means I get bored of my wardrobe far too quickly and end up buying more ‘safe’ clothes, and everything in my wardrobe ends up becoming plain and boring. It’s a bad cycle really.
I’ve been trying on these trilby hats every time I go to the high street, but never have to confidence to buy it as I feel like people will point and laugh, but I absolutely loveee it! My most wanted item from this list has to be the Fur lined Dr. Martens though. I WANT THEM NOW! I pretty much lived in my military boots, but they’re all worn out now (boo!) so I think these would be perfect replacements, especially as we’re bound to have snow soon too!