Today I Bought #7 & Topshop opening

Day of the Dead Skull Leggings – Topshop
Dr. Martens
Antique Print Belt – eBay

Okay, so I know I put these Dr. Martens on my birthday wishlist.. but when I saw them on eBay with a starting price of just £10 I couldn’t help but add it to my watch list items. The bidding ended at a ridiculous hour in the morning, and with my unruly sleeping pattern I happened to be awake at the time the auction was ending and won them for just £35. Brand new Docs & everything! I was over the moon! Although I think it may take a little getting used to walking in them, they’re so big & clunky that I keep tripping over my own feet! Amusing for others, not so much for me haha!
I’m in need of new belts & other accessories at the moment, and found this cute little waist belt on eBay (yes, I do love eBay) for just £4.99. It also happens to be ex Topshop stock so was really worth £25 RRP, another bargain!? I think so!
Speaking of Topshop, for the past week they have been handing out free Topshop/Topman gift cards around my union & in store for the big Topshop opening that happened yesterday in Leeds. Each card has a value of £5 to £500 on them! Now, I wasn’t lucky enough to win anything other than £5, but was lucky enough to gain three cards which allowed me to purchase these beautttttiful skull print leggings! I instantly fell in love with them when I saw them online last night & just had to get them and with £15 off, who couldn’t resit for just a tenner!? Me & my friends took a tour inside the new Topshop, it was HUGE! We lost each other as soon as we stepped inside, but managed to find time to take a cheeky pic in the style booth! (please excuse my poses)