Trick or Treat on the High Street

I’m a sucker for anything black//lacy/weird or just general Gothic styles which is why I love this time of year! Halloween has to be the best Holiday of the year, I just love fancy dress (the free candy part was well and truly over for me years ago though, boo!). & this year the High Street have produced some amazing collections that makes the little Goth inside me jump up & down with joy! Mixed with the Oxblood trend at the moment that everyone and their grandmas are raving about is sending me insane! I literally want to buy everything, anyone willing to get me these things? No? Okay.. I really do feel like I’m a vampire in the making. Seriously, keep watching my Instagram for my Halloween costume! 
I’ve complied together some of my fave items from Tophop & Asos which I think are super cute for Halloween and a great alternative to dressing up in some ridiculous costume like I, of course, will be doing!
Feather Jacket
Lips in Wicked
High Neck Cornelli Shell Top
Lace Roll Neck Top
Sugar Skull Nail Wrap
Skater Dress in Lace & Velvet
Gothic Prom Dress
Velvet Slashed Back T-shirt
Religion Wolf Dress
Illamasqua Generation Q Lipstick
Metallic Lip Foil
Spider Jewel & Spike Necklace