Nail Art #14 Seeing Spots

I’ve been quite busy lately, so spending time on my nails has been pushed to the back of the queue which has therefore lead to lack of nail art posts (sorry guys). I needed a break from my dissertation work last night, and was in the mood to paint my nails and settled on doing this cute little spotty design, I feel its quite fitting for bonfire night also!
How to get this look:
1. Paint your nails with a basecoat to protect them from the polish.
2. I used a pale pink shimmery polish as my base. You can keep your nails clear if you like or choose a darker polish to do this with. I wanted just the spots to be my main focal point.
3. Choose a base colour for your spots. I used this Barry M deep purple colour. I took a small piece of sponge and dabbed it on 1/2 of my nail in varies places. I needed to coats of this.
4. I then selected random colours, not all of which I though complimented each other, but colours that would stand out against the purple and even clash!
5. I used various different sized dotting tools and dipped the end into some polish and began spotting away!
6. I used a white polish last and a small dotting tool to just brighten up my design a little.
7. Finish off with a clear polish to protect your design!
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Good luck x