Wishlist #2

It’s coming to the end of term, just two weeks to go before I can sit at home in a nice warm (non student) house & watch Christmas films all day and annoy my two cats. But unfortunately that also means the end of the good ol’ student loan. Boo! So all I can do right now is online window shopping and drool over the things I really really want but can’t buy, and the fact I can’t have them makes me want them even more, don’t you hate that!? 
As everyone knows I have an unhealthy obsession with ASOS and its now gone that one step further if that is even possible? My obbession has escalated to now wanting t the entire outfit that the models wear in the photos instead of just the one item I was looking at, its really bad I know! I absolutely love this sequin bomber jacket & leather skirt combo, its beautiful! Unfortunately if I was actually going to buy this entire outfit, it would cost my bank over £140. So, it’s probably good that my bank balance is quite insufficient at the moment.
I’ve been looking for a coat with a hood for absolutely forever, and yep I’ve done it again, fallen in love with a coat that does not have a hood. I think I secretly love buying new umbrellas and being blown away in the wind, ’cause this coatigan is something I’ve had my eye on for a while now, but will definitely not protect me from the torrential rainfall we’re having in Leeds at the moment.
Now I know everyone and their aunties & grandmas have a DW watch, but I can’t help but lust over it, & I’m not even a watch kinda gal. But you have to admit, it is beautiful isn’t it?  I think my newest peice of jewellery will have to be this spiked necklace from La Moda Uk that I’ve had my eye on for a while, they have some amazing pieces in at the moment and much more affordable than a DW watch haha! Well I’m off to continue my Uni work (fun fun). Hope everyone has a lovely Monday x