Ice Ice Baby

Firstly, I have to admit, these nails turned out by accident! I was going for something along the lines of ‘festive nails’  but didn’t plan for them to look like this.. and it just so happened that the white basing I chose made my nails look like icicles.  Either way I’m pretty happy these accidental ice nails turned out the way they did, ’cause I think they look super cute, don’t you? Well let me get started on telling you how I went about doing this, its pretty easy and perfect for those of you who don’t have a steady hand; it’s all about messy uneven lines anyway (amazing).
1. Begin by using a basecoat to protect your nails from the polish. I’ve also been using a ‘strong results’ treatment on my nails before the basecoat recently, which has really helped my nails from breaking , so if you suffer from this also, I highly recommend it!
2. Paint two coats of polish onto your nails, any colour works for this I guess, as long as you choose colours that compliment one another for the icicle part.
3. Take a white striper, and begin to do quick fast strokes up the nail to about half way starting from the tip of your nail. Make sure majority of your tip is fully covered in white or the colour you put on top won’t ‘pop’ as well as it should.
4. Ensuring your white has fully dried, repeat the process with your second striper (for me, Silver) but this time, only go up the the a 1/4 of the way so the white is still visible.
5. Do another coat of Silver, but only on the very tips of your nails to darken the colour.
6. To finish off the design, add small dots of glitter in random places, top of with a clear coat & enjoy your icicle nails! Simple!
If you’d like any other festive related nail art, please do feel free to suggest any!
Hope everyone had a lovely chocolate in their advent calender.