LBD ‘Long Black Dress’

 Maxi Dress – Asos
Jacket – Urban Outfitters
Bowler Hat – Topshop
Boots – eBay
Belt – Vero Moda
Bag – River Island
I want to first of all apologise for the very bad quality of this image, my camera was being an absolute nightmare and wouldn’t focus for some reason, and this one was the only decent enough one to show you. I was going to re do these pictures this morning, but my face has swollen on one side due to my wisdom tooth having an infection (you can kind of see my fat face in this picture too). I loved this outfit too much to wait until my camera (and face) were back to normal, as patience is something I lack quite badly and the feeling of a new outfit was too overpowering. 
This long Jersey dress is something I’ve had my eye on for a while now but just wasn’t too sure how it would suit me. I’ve lived in denim shorts and leggings for far too long and maxi dresses/skirts seemed way out of my comfort zone. I can safely say this will be a staple item of clothing in my wardrobe this winter. I just wish it had a huge slit up the side so I could wear bright purple tights underneath for a pop of colour, or just so it was easier to walk in.
As for the boots, I love these little beauts! I ordered them off eBay a while ago, and since I’ve seen so many other bloggers drool over them as I have done. They’ll feature in my next ‘Today I Bought Post’ as I have a few little things to show you & another cheeky little giveaway for you guys!