Zero Waste

Now I don’t usually talk about my uni work much on here, as most of the time I’m not usually proud of anything I make.. but this Kimono inspired jacket I’m truly impressed with myself for! This semester we had to choose a concept which was innovative, basically meaning fresh, new ideas which would factor in environmental issues such as the amount of textile waste the fashion industry produce or using eco friendly fabrics. I chose to go down the path of Zero Waste fashion, which essentially means an entire garment (jacket, top or skirt) is made entirely from a piece of fabric with no spare material being thrown away or wasted.
I chose this concept as I was very interested in traditional styles such as The Kimono & Sarees that originate from over a thousand years ago and held the Zero Waste concept. I wanted to add my own twist to this concept and use square cut and rectangle pieces to make my garments. This is the first of 4 toiles I’ve made for my module.
It is a very difficult concept, but I love being pushed forward and challenging myself with new and exciting things! I’ll be sure to post photos of my other designs (if they’re good enough haha).