3 Different Ways to Style a Midi Dress

I’ve waited patiently for a while now to do this post, but it seems the snow just keeps on falling, so I braved the cold & snapped away anyway! I’ve always wanted to do a post to show how you can style a key piece of clothing in several ways. I’m on a little bit of a kick to change up and play around with my wardrobe lately, putting things together that I usually wouldn’t – I’m yet to build up the confidence and actually follow through with some of my style ideas, but I’m getting there! I styled this beautiful midi dress (one of my other purchases from Miss Guided) in three different ways today, just to give ideas on how you can dress up or dress down an item of clothing. I’ve heard a lot of people say a midi dress is ‘not for them’, so I hope I change a few opinions.
I have to admit, when I first saw midi dresses coming into style, it did take me a while to warm to them. I thought they were more for a sophisticated lady or special occasions, but today I proved myself wrong!

Midi Dress // Miss Guided    –    Suede Jacket // Warehouse    –    Wedges // New Look
Necklace // Miss Guided    –   Diamanté Tights // Topshop
I have to first apologise for the fact there are no clear shots of my necklace & tights, the lighting was just reflecting off of my dress and snow, causing everything to just look white! With this look, I paired the dress with sheer diamanté tights and a suede jacket and wedge heels. I would wear this to a special occasion or a night out, and with this snow and Arctic temperatures the jacket really would come in handy! 

 Coat // Oasis    –    Jumper // Next    –    Scarf // Primark    –    Boots // Peacocks
I placed a medium thickness jumper over the top of my dress to give the illusion of my midi dress to be a midi skirt instead. Layered with my scarf and coat, it gives extra warmth and is probably the most suited to the weather at the moment! I love how the red instantly gives the entire outfit a pop of colour – something we need in these grey months!

 Jacket // Zara    –   Dr Martens // eBay
This is probably the most common way I’d wear this dress. I seem to be living in my leather jacket at the moment, it literally goes with everything! My Docs also keep my feet nice and toasty stood in the snow! The leather jacket and docs combo toughens up the entire look, and completely contradicts my initial thought of a midi dress being only for sophisticated occasions.
How do you style your midi dress? Would you have done it differently?
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