Year in Outfits // New Years Resolutions

How was everyone’s New Years? Mine consisted of doing uni work petty much up to the clock striking 12, boring I know! I thought I’d take a look back through 2012 – I think It’s safe to say my love of tights/leggings and non jeans wearing habits are still very much well and truly still there!  I always feel my still does fluctuate from one trend to another, but I can still see myself wearing my little pink denim waistcoat & pleated floral skirt come summer 2013!
I have few goals/New Years resolutions this year that I really want to stick at!
1. Improve the quality of my blogging images – these images, although I can see a slight improvement throughout the year, I still feel there’s a lot of room for improvement!
2. More blog posts! I always become slack when it comes to doing outfit posts when I’m back at uni as I don’t have a nice backdrop to use!
3. Read more blogs! I love finding new blogs that I adore so more the merrier!
Have you got any New Years Resolutions this year?
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