Instagram #1

I know I’m really late (like years late) to jump on the Instagram post bandwagon, but I think it’ll be a nice break from my usual posts, and it will let you have a nosey at what I’m up to. It’s never anything really interesting, but I know I like to have a little nose at other peoples Instagram pictures, so why not let everyone else do the same to me?
From left to right: A sneak preview of my glitter lips from the beauty shoot I did with my sister (previous post). My cat Gizmos paw prints in the snow. Me being a poser. My latest piercing (daith). I met Oxside & Neutrino at a club in Leeds, they are one of the first people who started UK garage music like 10 years ago! It was a hugeeee deal to me! Valentine inspired nail art. I created a selfie using the ‘I Made Face’ app. Jumper & Leopard print trousers. My new Huf beanie! Zebra print outfit planning. Me posing with my new beanie. Lavender Leopard print nail art.
Instagram: @Fashernably_Late 
Send me the links to your Insta posts please! 🙂
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