Leopard leggings

Dip Hem – Asos   //   Leggings – Asos   //    Necklace – Sheinside.com   //   Bracelets – Topshop
Boots – Miss Guided
I have to admit I’m not too sure on this outfit now. The last time I wore it, it made me feel really nice and girly, but now I’m looking at these pictures I feel a little ‘maternity wear’ vibe going on.  I still absolutely adore these leggings anyway! I have a slight weakness for leopard print, and my wardrobe is slowly holding more and more items of leopard print that I just simply can’t resist buying. I think it’s quite easy to fall into the whole Snooki-esqe vibe though! So hopefully I’m not heading in that direction!
As for my boots, I’ve been searching for a pair of black heeled boots for a while now that I can wear during the day and for a night out on the town. I’ve been lusting after the cut out Topshop/Jerffery Campbell ones for ages, but I’m seriously kidding myself if I think I’ll ever be able to afford them before they go out of style.
I have a little collaboration coming up this weekend with a clothing label called Home Sick. So keep posted for those photos, a sneak peek will be uploaded to my instagram over the weekend! x
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