Wishlist #4

Belt Bracelet
Okay, so I think it’s pretty safe to say that every single blogger in the world is after a pair of cut out buckle boots, & I’m not afraid to admit that I’m certainly one of them! I wish they weren’t so darn expensive though!? I’m yet to find a pair that is both mouth-wateringly pretty yet affordable at the same time. Although, do I need another pair of shoes? Oh, what the heck, of course I do! 
I’m trying to save my pennies recently, and be a good little blogger and only buy essential clothing, I can honestly say it is ridiculously hard too! I’m trying to save for an exciting summer! I already have PArklife festival at the go, but now maybe the Beyonce Tour & Bestival are on the cards too! wooo! Although I’m not mega hooked up on the new clothing coming into the stores, I’m certainly missing that feeling of excitement when you’ve bought new things and you come home and try them on straight away! Nothing beats the feeling of new clothes. (Maybe fresh bed sheets?)
The other things I want are not necessities aka I can’t justify buying them because I don’t need them. sob sob. Maybe the beanie though… it’s still pretty cold outside & my hair can’t handle all this wind!
As I’m at uni now, I’m afraid the outfit posts aren’t a regular thing – the lighting in my student house is awful, and taking the pictures outside on my cobbles road is a big no no. So I’m afraid until I head back home again, those posts may be put on hold for a while – sorry!
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