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I’d first like to apologise about being so absent lately! I’ve been super busy with uni work. My dissertation that has been taking over my life for the past few months was finally completed and handed in last week! YAAAAY (4th picture down). I was so relieved and ecstatic that it was finally over, although I did feel like I was waving off my little baby when I handed it in. I’ve spent so long writing it that I almost feel a little lost without it? Or am I seriously just going a little mad from all the work?
Alongside my dissertation, I’ve had a lot of other stuff going on too! It has literally left me with zero time and opportunity to take blog pictures! I have a few new and exciting pieces to show you too including my cute new sugar skull ring, that I’m hoping to take snaps of once I’m back home!
This past week I’ve also been working for Topshop promoting their new Prom collection in the Leeds Trinity store! I was lucky enough to receive a really cute purple cut out neckline shift dress as my uniform (bottom left). Although working out in the snow for half the day has defiantly made me want to hibernate under my covers for a month. Can you believe it’s still snowing in Spring? Summer hurry up please!
My university life is almost over, and the reality of normal adult life is dawning, what am I going to do!?

I’m also trying to use BlogLovin’ more and would really appreciate it if you could also follow me on there? Leave your links too in the comments field so I can follow back!

As of next week I shall have a few outfit posts and a cheeky little giveaway for you all so keep a look out!
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