Jewelled Skull Tee

Tee – River Island
Studded Bandeau – DIY
Leggings – American Apparel 
Denim Jacket – ASOS
I’d first of like to apologise for my squinty eyes and not so brilliant pictures. I was battling with 30mph wind and the brightest sunshine we’ve had for week. Although the sun was shining it was still super chilly and I had to layer up with an extra cardi under my jacket so I didn’t freeze! This is the first time I’ve taken my pictures by myself using the timer option on my camera/on my tripod so I’m trying to get the hang of doing it all myself rather than calling my mum to press the shutter release constantly every time I want to do a blog post. 
I forgot how much I love this tee. I bought it back in September to wear to Mint Festival in Leeds and haven’t worn it since as I left it at home and never took it back to uni with me! Why I did that I don’t know.. I remember seeing it hung up in store and drooling over it for weeks before I finally bit the bullet and bought it. Anything shiny always catches me eye, and combine that with skulls and its screams my name.
I do feel a little 80’s in this outfit.. with the lycra leggings and bleached denim jacket combo, hello saved by the bell reject.
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