Fashion for Free

Dress – Forever 21    //    Cardigan – Republic    //    Shoes – Urban Outfitters    
Ring – Shop Dixi   //   Belt – ASOS
I’m broke, & when I say broke, I really mean broke. I am totally skint… someone give me a job please? The final pennies of my student loan and the odd few jobs here and there have finally run out (sad face)! Since moving back home there’s no doubting that the irreplaceable comforts of home living are amazing; clean clothes, a cupboard full of food… but there’s only so much day time telly I can take and applying for over 30 Fashion jobs a day is starting to take its toll. I’m looking for an internship to help me gain some experience, but I’m having zero luck finding many that are actually paid. The lack of pennies is, yet again, an issue here! At this rate it looks like I’ll be working for free for a long time before I’ll catch a break. Boo!
Anyway enough rambling about that… I forgot how much I loved this cardigan! I bought this whilst I was in 6th form & practically lived in it, until it became all baggy and misshaped! A few years stuffed at the back of my wardrobe and a good hour in the tumble dryer & walah! it fits again, YAY! Don’t you love finding old faves and bringing them back out again? I’ve just had a huge clear out and found some good ol’ gems in there!
This dress is a little cutie that I picked up last month – its literally perfect for summer and was a steal too! I’m beginning to purchase more & more clothing from forever 21 as I feel like they’re upped their quality whilst keeping their prices super affordable. Win win!
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