Wishlist 5

I’ve been liking this East meets West trend for a while now and the more popular it becomes the more I’m falling in love with it. It’s nice to see harem pants and paisley patterns making a comeback and reworked in a more stylish way than in the 90’s. This colour block shackle I think is the key wardrobe essential this summer (if we actually have one) as its so easy to style. Throwing it over a dress, whether it be a maxi, midi or body con, it’s a great way to keep on trend (and to keep warm).
Festival season is well and truly in full swing. There’s no doubt there will be thousands of girls rockin’ the denim short shorts and flower crowns at Glastonbury this weekend! Oh how very jealous I am! This little beauty from Rock n Rose keeps catching my eye. I must have visited their site about 10 times today just to drool over it! (The criss crossy bit on the actual band is my fave). I may just have to have a go at doing a DIY version, as the price of this one sort of burns my eyes.
As a very indecisive person, I usually find it hard choosing an item of clothing if I’m going to buy it in any other colour than black/white. So when I first saw this Missguided cape in their new arrivals section a few weeks ago (post here) it was a no brainer as it was grey (perfect mix of black & white yippee). However, they’ve thrown this gorgeous berry colour into the works and the crazy little shopaholic lady that lives within me is screamin’ and telling me to buy it! Oh why oh why do they do this!?

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