Paris #2 Blue Bottoms

Shoes // Ego   –   Trousers // Zara   –   Top // ASOS    –    Waistcoat // LILY LULU    –    Bag // Topshop    
Rings // Regal Rose    –    Bracelet // Nostalgic Feather*
I think this was my favourite outfit over the 3 days I spent in Paris. It was comfortable, practical and all in all cute! I never thought there would be a day where I’d wear an entire outfit that didn’t feature something black in it… I’m a changed women!
I’f you’ve seen some of my latest outfit posts, I’ve veered towards light, neutral colours as opposed to all black everything. I suppose it is Summer after all…
I picked up these Zara trousers in the sale for a sweet £16! I was quite surprised when I tried them on as they’re not high waisted and they fit me perfectly! I have the whole ‘small waist/big bum’ combo that’s quite a problem when it comes to clothes. However, these did get a little baggy throughout the day which was a little frustrating. Or, I could have lost a couple of pounds from all the walking we did this day! Wishful thinking, ey?
I’m in love with these heels from Ego. I didn’t think dusty pink heels could be so versatile, but I have a few more outfits in mind that I’d like to wear them with, they’re so cute!!
I’ve also been wearing this white ribbed halter neck top from ASOS about 4 times a week! It’s such an easy throw on and goes with everything! I teamed it with this LILY LULU waistcoat as I thought it tied it all together! At first I assumed it would only look good with a festival style outfit but I proved myself wrong!
I was also kindly sent some cute little bits from Nostalgic Feather. This cute little feather bracelet matched my trousers perfectly! I love co-ordination! They have some really cute bits at the moment, you should definitely go take a peek!
What I got up to on my second day in Paris will be posted in a separate post, so stay tuned!
Have you been on holiday anywhere this Summer, please leave your link, I’d love to give them a read!