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Thursday, 17 September 2015

Forever Modo Side Split Tee

Top - Forever Modo*
Leggings - New Look

I was contacted by a lovely stylist from Forever Modo who wanted to send me something through the post. I was unaware of what item it would be and was a little excited at the prospect of it being a surprise. A lovely surprise it was, as I adore the colour and style of this side split tee! It ticks all the right boxes: great fit, lovely length, high neck & I feel the colour really suits my skin tone! 

I teamed it with these lovely coated leggings from New Look & my gorgeous heels from Lily Lulu for a more 'dressy' look. To wear this a little more casual, I'd probably team it with some denim shorts and trainers.

I've had a not so very nice week this week and I've had a lot of negative comments on my Instagram from other bloggers. I understand that you get people that feel the need to put you down, but for some reason I just can't shake it. How do you deal with the negative comments in the blogging world? Just shake it off?

Photo Credit: Amy Lidgett


  1. The colour on that top is gorgeous! Really suits you.

  2. Now that really suits you, I absolutely love the colour of the top x

  3. I am sorry to hear that you have received bad comments on Instagram, I can't think why you are gorgeous and have a great sense of style. Ignore the trolls they are not worth your time x

  4. You look great, I love the colour and the style of this. Ignore the

  5. Love that top on you. Try to ignore the negativity

  6. Aww so awful to hear you've had negative comments! Your stunning don't Ely anyone tell you different! Love this top

  7. Fantastic colour! I totally love it! You look beautiful and it suits you well.

  8. Love your Lily lulu heels! very striking with that coral coloured top!

  9. Your blog photos are just gorge. And you really suit this colour! So if anyone has said anything negative, just delete / block them and move on because they're talking rubbish!! xx - Fashion and Style Guide xx

  10. I can't believe you have had trouble from other bloggers! So much for a supportive community eh? Please ignore them and rise above it!

    I love the tee! I actually thought it was a dress at first!

    Laura x x x

  11. I'm not surprised you've had bad comments, there's a lot of anger in the community at the moment, mostly because of PR but bloggers are taking it out on eachother.
    You're beautiful, keep your chin up! :)
    Amy (The Creative Fitness Channel)


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