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Tuesday, 8 September 2015

That Topshop Bomber..

Bomber Jacket - Topshop
Halter Neck Top - ASOS
Jeans (similar) - ASOS
Trainers - ASOS

So, I'm guilty of two things. 1. My outfit mainly consisting of ASOS (I can't help it, the fact I have a premier account doesn't help) and 2. I'm in desperate need of a hair cut! I hadn't realised until I snapped these pics that my ends are looking dreadful, eeeek!

Despite the (nearly all) Asos outfit, I've got to give myself some credit. Theres not a single black item in my outfit! Hurray! I went for a little more of a 'laid back' look today. This is how I probably dress most days recently. I can't seem to take my high waisted jeans & jersey top combo off, It's far too comfy.

I'm in love with these khaki jeans, although, it did feel strange wearing something on my bottom half that was a colour other than black or blue (again, referring to my jeans).

It dawned on me this morning that I'm spending most of my money buying clothes for Autumn/Winter, when I should be buying all the sale Summer clothes for my trip to Bali in 3 months!  Someone say ASOS sale? 

Shot on The Olympus Pen / 42 mm lens
Photo Credit: Amy Lidgett


  1. This is a great outfit for the transitional weather we're experiencing, love the khaki jeans.

  2. That is such a lovely outfit, I really like the colour of your jeans x

  3. You are so stunning! Great outfit!

  4. Also a big fan of the jeans- have a great holiday!

  5. You look gorgeous! And such stunning photography as always! Don't worry, your hair doesn't look bad at all! You should see mine haha! Ps ASOS sale is amazin atm!

    Laura / xxx

  6. I love the outfit! And you're so lucky that you're going to Bali, me and my husband are planning on going sometime soon but still not sure when, have fun!

  7. The jacket is really fabulous and so versatile. And yes, totally hit that ASOS sale.


  8. Love the outfit - very chic and simple! Also, I recognise this photo spot :)
    Jen x

  9. Love it! I really want a new bomber :-) lucky you going off on holiday! Jealous!!


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