That Topshop Bomber..

Bomber Jacket – Topshop
Halter Neck Top – ASOS
Jeans (similar) – ASOS
Trainers – ASOS

So, I’m guilty of two things. 1. My outfit mainly consisting of ASOS (I can’t help it, the fact I have a premier account doesn’t help) and 2. I’m in desperate need of a hair cut! I hadn’t realised until I snapped these pics that my ends are looking dreadful, eeeek!

Despite the (nearly all) Asos outfit, I’ve got to give myself some credit. Theres not a single black item in my outfit! Hurray! I went for a little more of a ‘laid back’ look today. This is how I probably dress most days recently. I can’t seem to take my high waisted jeans & jersey top combo off, It’s far too comfy.

I’m in love with these khaki jeans, although, it did feel strange wearing something on my bottom half that was a colour other than black or blue (again, referring to my jeans).

It dawned on me this morning that I’m spending most of my money buying clothes for Autumn/Winter, when I should be buying all the sale Summer clothes for my trip to Bali in 3 months!  Someone say ASOS sale? 

Shot on The Olympus Pen / 42 mm lens
Photo Credit: Amy Lidgett