JORD Wooden Watch

Watch  –  JORD*
Top – ASOS
Trousers – LILY LULU*
I was never much of a watch person up until about a year ago when I had a sudden urge that I must own a watch! Since then, I don’t think I ever leave the house without one. In fact, I feel incredibly weird without it – the sort of feeling when you’ve left your bank card at home sort of thing…
So, when the lovely Dan  from JORD contacted me about sending me one their wooden watches, at first I thought I’d have to pass on the opportunity as I have incredibly small wrists. Like, super small! I think I ordered the smallest size they offer on the site & even then I had to get a link taken out when it arrived. But, that’s one of the things that made me really like this brand from the get-go. They offered amazing advice and help when ordering my watch and their sizes are available in 1/2 and even 1/4 of a centimetre lengths, so you get the perfect fit! (I was just unfortunate due to my child like wrists).
I chose this gorgeous Maple & Rose Gold watch as I was attracted to the lighter tone & it surprisingly goes with all of my outfits! For someone that has to co-ordinate al her outfits, this was a pretty big deal!
I think the thing I love most about this watch is how unusual it it! I’ve had non stop compliments since wearing it and it’s certainly something that isn’t over-done – I love unique finds! Oh, it’s also waterproof. Bonus!