Getting Festival Ready

Getting Festival Ready: I think I’ve always had a love for long chiffon-y shirt/jacket type things. Being quite short, I always stayed clear of them thinking that they wouldn’t suit me or quite frankly drag on the floor and get ruined in an instant. When the whole duster jacket trend hit us last year, I couldn’t retain my love for them any longer and I took the plunge with buying one – I now own 4. Whoops…
I took this obsession of long flowy things from outerwear to shirt dresses and other chiffon type clothing (I have a love for chiffon too). Naturally, when I saw this beaut piece from Romwe, I had to snap it up and add it to my collection. I think adding a small heeled boot really sets it off. You know, with being short and all…
Although we’re technically still in Winter, I had a boho-festival image in my head when I styled it up with my good ol’ fedora and fave aviators. Is it bad that I’m now planning my Glastonbury outfits because of this? I’ll definitely be packing this in the backpack as an outfit.

Fedora – ASOS (similar)
Dress – Romwe*
Socks – Topshop
Boots – Shellys London